Instagram Stories Aren’t loading – What To Do


Instagram is the center of online life. It unites people around the world. Every day many people present new colorful content to their audience plus share important moments.


But what to do if the situation with the floor: the stories fly plus are not published. Share cool photo or video does not work? Calm! We know what is behind the failure of Instagram, plus now we tell the user what the problem is. Instagram stories are a real hit. They tell a lot of useful information during the protected minutes. And also imagine a brief information about the lives of different people. They are also easy to access, easy to assimilate, and they are millions. All this information, and when it is not downloaded, is very frustrating. And sometimes you just want to relax and see something casual and simple. Stories are the best thing that can happen to Instagram in a long time and you can’t access them?! Here are a few things you can do if Instagram Stories does not load and circle. And the worst part is, you don’t know what you’re doing because there are very few sources that write the truth.

Why not publish stories on Instagram

There are a lot of reasons to cause trouble. But we will tell about common problems.

Try to stop using GIF

If user are using GIFs in your posts, user may not be able to download them because of this. Because detailed animations cause crashes in the application.

This is obvious if user are using an Android device (for example, Samsung S7 edge).

As soon as user stop using animations in your public, they will be uploaded without any problem.

However, if user need to reintroduce the animation, your story may not be full.

In addition, user will not be able to post a photo card to the app until the problem is solved.

Save stories plus re-publish it

Secondly, user can try to save stories in your gallery plus publish it again.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  • Visit your stories on Instagram.
  • Take a photo or video plus edit it if user want.
  • When user finish editing, press «save».
  • Quit your stories plus click «Cancel».
  • Go back to your stories in IG plus download the saved stories from your gallery.

This solution requires a lot of work, but then user can publish stories on Instagram!

Update Instagram

Instagram updates usually resolve recent bugs plus crashes.

Sometimes the previous IG update may contain errors plus crashes.

Thus, user always need to update Instagram. Especially if in the description of the new version there is a clause «Bug Fixes».

Here’s how to update IG on your Android device:

  • Go to Google Play.
  • FindIGplus press «update».

Here’s how to upgrade IG to iPhone:

  • Go to the App Store.
  • Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Find IG plus press «update».

However, if user can’t find IG on the update tab, then the update is still valid.

Uninstall Instagram

After all, the user may try to reinstall Instagram.

Deleting an application will delete its data.

This means that the user can solve some problems after reinstalling the application.

When reinstalling IG, the latest updates will also be installed, so they will be up to date.

To remove IG on both Android devices plus iPhone, press the Plus Hold app plus click «Remove».

After uninstalling, find the IG on the Google Play / App Store plus reinstall it. The main thing is not to forget to recover the account. After the removal of the application, the account itself will not recover. You need to know the password or it is desirable that the account has a phone number.

Clear Cache

Clearing the IG cache will remove your previous data (such as downloaded images / videos).

Here’s how user can clean the IG cache on your Android device:

  • Go to your phone settings.
  • Click on «Applications plus notifications»
  • Find the IG app, click «Storage» plus clear the cache.

Here’s how user can clean IG cache on iPhone:

  • Go to your phone settings.
  • Click «General», then «iPhone Storage».
  • Click «Delete Application», then reinstall it.

Unfortunately, to clear the IG cache on the iPhone, user will have to reinstall the app.

Loading the app will not clean the IG cache.

Enable Flight Mode

If your stories on IG get stuck when publishing, user need to do the following:

  • Turn on the flight mode.
  • Turn off your Wi-Fi.
  • Remove stories plus force the IG application to close.

This will save your stories from hanging out.

Use another device

The last straw is to use another device to download stories on Instagram.

This is a reliable way to protect your stories from downloading.

Just use another device (which has no trouble downloading stories), log in to your account plus download your stories.

Android devices are more prone to boot problems, so user can try using the iPhone.

What if the IG doesn’t load the story circle?

If stories do not work on your smartphone, user should connect to a different network. The reason is the end of traffic or the failure of the router to perform the required options. Often stories are not recorded when a user connects to the public Wi-Fi.

How to solve this problem?

In order to immediately resolve the issue of the lack of permission to download content, it is recommended to perform such manipulations:

  • During recording or creating stories, the person should click on the icon in the corner of the screen;
  • The menu will be opened with the publication, where user choose the section to hide stories;
  • To choose will be presented a list of subscribers, among which user need to choose the number of people who will not be able to see the content.
  • The operations performed should be confirmed with the Finish button. Otherwise, the changes will not be saved. As a result of the right actions, account owners do not see the content plus believe that they are hidden. In this situation, nothing can be done.

What if it is not removed?

Problems in insta can manifest not only in downloading videos plus content, but in the inability to remove them. To carry out such an operation, action should be taken:

  1. Restart the device.
  2. Software update.
  3. Check the availability of a new version of the Annex.

It is enough to make the content in the section available for control. If user want to remove a roller or an image, click on the cross. It is located at the top of the screen, plus is only available to press when the content is activated.

I can’t put out stories

If it is not possible to work with stories, user will need to update not only applications plus gadgets. user can perform the required actions on the PC, through the browser. The sequence of steps in this case will look like:

If user have any questions - please let us know Задать вопрос

  • The browser is opened or loaded;
  • Looking for an extension to Chrome IG Story;
  • Goes to insta with password or login.
  • After performing such manipulations, user will only be able to use the system comfortably plus achieve your goals with stories.

How to remove it?

To remove content, the owner of the gadget needs to check the correct time plus date. Such an oversight is important, as the content of this category exists no more than a day plus is itself removed. If user set the date back a day, the clip will automatically disappear. After that, they become invisible, both in the profile hat plus in stories.

No photo upload in stories

As the final operations when working with the setting of the temporary content functionality, user can perform such manipulations:

  1. Check that the date plus time are correct.
  2. Updates are investigated. If there are active plus available operations, user need to activate them. The settings are then aligned plus run correctly plus consistently if there is a continuous Internet.
  3. Verifying stories on a PC or other gadget. If it becomes clear that the computer plays the required settings, but they are not available from the smartphone, user need to install a search engine on the phone in the form of an extension plus use the profile through it.

If user still cannot download after user perform these steps, user should verify that the update is available.

Does not download video in stories

Answering the question, why do not appear uploading stories, user need to find the basis for this. Very often the problems are on the surface. In many cases it is enough to carry out the required software or utility updates.

After installing the upgrade, restart the smartphone. After such manipulation, user can try to put the story on the phone again. The last step is to remove the photo network plus download it again.

Despite the fact that developers try to make applications better with updates, such manipulation often disrupts the normal operation of the utility. If the user has a problem, then do not despair plus immediately write «I can not fix the problem», it is enough to make manipulations from the presented schemes of action plus a picture. I hope that you will be fine and Instagram in the near future will fix all errors.